107 Data & Analytics Leaders Speak Out 

Challenges & Recommendations

107 responses | 17 geographies | 16 industries | 05 Top challenges | 05 Recommendations


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Smart staffing - Distribute the analytics team between solving incoming analytical requests from stakeholders vs pro-active advanced analytics projects that showcase value and impact

Bala Venkataraman
Customer Insights Leader, Walmart Canada

We have lots of data across many platforms but lack a robust analytics process for developing insights.

Bonita Speck
Global Director Customer Experience and Expert Product OwnerSchneider Electric

"Good enough" approach and pressure on financials. If solutions are driven by manual work with assumed cost, it's fine to continue doing it that way and trimming down costs gradually instead of investing in improving the foundational stuff.

Daniel Mendez Costabel
Consulting Partner, Tata Consultancy Services

This kind of data-driven insight requires sophisticated analytics to collect, aggregate, and interpret customer usage data. Data is often dispersed across different systems and tools, making it difficult to create a unified view of the customer's product usage.

Sahruday Patnaik
Principal Customer Success Manager, Freshworks

Having results that are easy to understand and to then determine what to do with them...turning insights into action.

Greg Winget
Consumer Insights Manager, Campbell's

Snapshot of the Key Findings

from the Survey


Key Findings 01-01


of data executives strongly suggest to invest in the right analytical tools and should be a top data strategy priority for 2024

Key Findings 02-01


of data executives suggest to

invest in a skilled team

Key Findings 03-01


data leaders quote Improving data integration as top challenge globally

Key Findings 04-01


say a serious lack in skill is a critical concern

Key Findings 05-01


of data executives cited a lack of real-time analytical tools as a major challenge facing them globally

Key Findings 06-01


of data leaders believe in a strongly aligned data strategies

Key Findings 07-01


of data executives reported that its important to derive insights from data

Our Survey Respondents


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19%   Software Development

10%    Financial Services

09%  Manufacturing

08%  Information Technology

07%  Retail

06%   CX Consultancy

05%   Services

04%   Telecommunications

03%   Educational Services

03%   Market Research

03%   Utilities

02%   Entertainment

02%   Personal Care

01%   Non-profit Organizations

01%   Software/App


Key Takeaways


Key Takeaway 01


Investing in the right tools is crucial for effective data management and analysis. Companies should prioritize investing in tools that can handle large amounts of data and provide insightful analytics.


Key Takeaway 02


Building a skilled team is essential for maximizing the value of data. Hiring individuals with expertise in data management, analysis, and visualization can lead to more accurate insights and decision-making.


Key Takeaway 03


Defining a clear data strategy is necessary to ensure that data is utilized effectively. Companies should establish goals and objectives related to data usage and outline a plan for collecting, storing, and analyzing data.

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