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"The biggest challenge still today when it comes to the CX is executive commitment and alignment. There are still too many executives who live the old management mantra."

Annette Franz
Founder and CEO, CX Journey Inc.

"For almost every company in business today, the first mission in improving their customer experience should be to identify and eliminate friction."

Don Peppers
Co-Founder, CX Speakers LLC

"People try to prioritize every touchpoint. And try to do everything to make a great customer experience. That's the biggest mistake you can make."

Hampton Bridwell
CEO and Managing Partner, Tenet Partners

"The challenge for many organizations has been digitally transforming their experience and, for brands that are not digitally native, integrating this transformation with in-store or other traditional experiences."

Adam Toporek
Customer Service Expert, Speaker, and Author, CTS Service Solutions

I think the bigger problem lies with brands not having a clear and differentiated vision of the experience that they want to deliver and how they support and enable their business objectives.

Adrian Swinscoe
Customer Experience Advisor, Punk CX

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