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A Cup of CX

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"A Cup of CX" is a chat show hosted by Clootrack, exploring the WHY behind CX.  In each episode of "A Cup of CX," a seasoned CX leader chats with Clootrack sharing their experiences, insights, and strategies in navigating the complex landscape of customer experience management. From overcoming hurdles to implementing innovative solutions, guests delve into the heart of CX, offering valuable perspectives and actionable advice.

Episode 01 | Ledi Lapaj - Director Customer Experience at Bank-al-Etihad

April 16, 1300 CET


A candid conversation with Ledi Lapaj, diving into insights on how to nurture a customer-centric culture, challenges encountered on the way, recommendations for CX leaders, and more. 


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Episode 01

LIVE - April 16, 1300 CET

About Clootrack

Clootrack is a real-time customer experience analytics platform that helps brands reduce churn significantly.

Clootrack helps brands understand granular qualitative reasons "why" customer experience drops. This reduces response time to CX trends by 88%.


Clootrack is the favorite among brands because of:
  • Ability to aggregate data seamlessly across first and third-party touchpoints.
  • Ability to analyze and understand actionable granular customer priorities at 90%+ accuracy.
  • Superfast turnaround times!
  • Real-Time Customer Experience Analytics Platform!

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