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20 Global CX Experts Reveal How They Proved the ROI of CX Programs.

Brilliant real-life examples of how CX Professionals have succeeded in linking investments to business outcomes.
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Powerful insights to help you measure the ROI of CX investments


CX leaders face difficulty in convincing C-Suite on investing in customer-centricity due to lack of quantifiable ROI. This study explores 20 successful cases where CX leaders identified a challenge, implemented a solution and measured the ROI of their investment. 

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Global CX leaders Featured in our CX ROI Report


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Achieved a growth of $11.1Million, Efficiency (Cost Savings) of $7.9Million, and Retention of $6.0Million

Julie Ryan
Director, Patient Engagement & Customer Solutionsat The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies ofJohnson & Johnson

20% Increase In Customer Engagement After Optimizing Digital Experience Across Different Devices

David Banks
Senior Director of Marketing at Bell Flavors & Fragrances

Lift Retail Sales By 30% And 58% Increase In Higher Ticket Items After Recreating A Holistic Customer Experience

DeAnn Campbell
Retail Strategy & Insights at AAG Consulting | Armstrong Alliance Group

Melissa initiated a data-first approach combined with design thinking techniques focusing on the stakeholder experience that allows all stakeholders to have a consistent experience across the organization. Here, a comprehensive data strategy helps to prioritize value-added activities and projects with better results.

Melissa Drew
Associate Partner at IBM

Here is exactly what you will learn from the CX ROI Report

A summary of the Key takeaways:


Pitch the CX Program to the right stakeholders


Build your own CX ROI model


Ensure the Right VoC is Captured


If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It


Focus on Long-term CX Outcomes


Right Technology is Inevitable


Remember, It's a Continuous Improvement Journey


Finally... Proving the ROI of CX Increases Investment in CX

Powerful insights to help you choose the right CX improvement investments

Download our Free CX ROI Report

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